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Baseball and Basketball Betting Secrets

Baseball and Basketball Betting Secrets – All sports fans will tell you that baseball betting and basketball betting is much easier to play, compared to other gambling games.

That MLB pick or NBA pick might look good on paper, but in reality it’s hard to pick a winner. Any gambler will tell you that achieving a success rate of 60-65% is considered good, so when I heard about John Morrison’s Sports Betting Champion system boasting a 97% strike rate, I had to take it seriously.

Baseball and Basketball Betting Secrets

John Morrison is an Ivy League School graduate with a PHD in statistics and he used his outstanding skills to develop an online joker bola Sports Betting Champion system focused on baseball betting and basketball betting.

As well as his obvious talent for statistics, John is also a die-hard sports fan and he decided to combine his lifelong passion for statistics and sports and explore the amazing world of sports betting. Over a period of 10 years, he spent countless hours researching sports databases in an effort to develop an incredibly straightforward and foolproof sports betting system.

This system is used to place bets on NBA Basketball and MLB Baseball but you don’t need to know anything about baseball betting or basketball betting to take advantage of the system or really know anything about these sports at all. While I have become more interested in baseball and basketball since I started using the system at the start, I know absolutely nothing about these sports. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve never placed a bet before. All is explained and there are hundreds of websites where you can open an online betting account and place your bets with the click of your mouse.

The system is easy to understand and even so, if you decide you don’t want to bother learning the Sports Betting Champion system yourself, John Morrison will email you all his basketball and basketball selections.


John Morrison’s Sports Betting Champion System for baseball betting and basketball betting record since 2003.

NBA Basketball:
2003-04 season: 68 wins – 2
Lost 2004-05: 71 wins – 3
Lost 2005-06 season: 66 wins – 2
2007-08 season: 80 wins – 1
2008-09 season: 78 wins – 0 losses
(Current 2009-10 season: 25 wins – 0 losses)

MLB baseball:
2004 season: 33 wins – 0 losses
2005 season: 45 wins – 0 losses
2006 season: 38 wins – 1 loss
2007 season: 35 wins – 0 losses
2008 season: 43 wins – 0 losses
2009 season: 49 wins – 0 losses…

Complete Tricks to Play Sportsbook Betting

Complete Tricks to Play Sportsbook Betting – Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from a trusted source, here is a complete trick to win sportsbook betting.

Handicap (Vooran): One club gives a voor against another club. The volume of the vooran value relates to how far the quality is between the 2 clubs, if the two clubs are almost similar in value, therefore most of the handicaps are 0. We will discuss handicaps in more detail after this.

Over Under (O / U): Bet that determines how many goals in a competition will go through the set value or not. Over for the over bet, and Under for the not over bet situs jasabola. Example of the over under market for Real Madrid against Espanyol is 2.5, so you will win the over bet if the number of goals in the competition is more than 2.5 and vice versa

Approx Score: As the name implies, you just need to predict the score correctly so you win the bet

Mix Parlay: You have to guess 3 competitions the right way. That guess can be handicap, o / u, or something else. If everything is correct, then you will receive the winnings according to the odds offered when betting

Handicap Description

Handicap 0: None of the clubs give a vooran. The win-win bet is the same as the real score of the competition
Handicap 0.25: It is also possible to note a 0-0 handicap. 5 or a quarter (1/4). One of the clubs casts a 0.25 ball vote against its rival.

If the competition finishes in a draw, the club that receives the vooran wins the bet because it wins 0.25 balls or 1/4 ball, so they will receive 1/2 the bet value. For example, a bet value of 100,000 wins 50,000
Conversely, if the competition is finished, the club that gives the vooran will lose 0.25 balls or 1/4 ball, therefore losing 1/2 of the bet value. For example, the bet value of 100,000 loses 50,000
If the score finishes 1-0 or 0-1 or any score is not only a draw, then the club that gives or receives the vooran will lose the full bet value

Handicap 0. 5: Means vooran 0. 5 or 1/2 (1/2) ball

Handicap 0. 75: It can also be noted handicap 0. 5-1 or three-quarters (3/4) Calculating this handicap is the same as calculating handicap 0. 25. So to summarize as well as to clarify the formula plan, namely. If you win or lose the bet with a difference of 0.25, then the value of the win or loss changes to 1/2 / half of the value you bet. Therefore the vooran / handicap value is 0, handicap 0.5, handicap 1, handicap 1. 5 and others will not be at risk of winning 1/2 or losing 1/2, you lose and win in full according to the value bet. To summarize, losing 1/2 or winning 1/2 only takes place if in the bet you lose or win with a difference of 0.25 only, more than that is the same as the bet value…